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About the Tipsport Malta Cup

Tipsport Malta Cup was created as an extension - the finals of the largest winter tournament in the Czech Republic, the Winter Tipsport League. After twenty years of our winter tournament, the organizers have decided that it is time to move the domestic winter football tournament in a "world" direction. They wanted to send the best Tipsport League teams to a training camp in an exotic destination, where they could train well and play a training tournament on the spot.

Almost all top professional clubs from Central Europe travel to seaside destinations in the winter, which is why we believed in the variant of the final tournament in the Mediterranean from the beginning. "We wanted to bring something new to the tournament and to attract. To have the opportunity to train and play against top foreign teams in mild, subtropical climate on perfect natural pitches seemed like an ideal proposition. And it has worked! The tournament is sought after by the best Czech and Slovak tams and is gaining interest of the top teams from other European football nations. Which in turn makes the Tipsport Malta Cup more and more attractive for all the participants, including media" says Tipsport Head of Communications Václav Sochor.

“We can only do this because of the great support and help we get from the Maltese side. The Malta Tourism Authority, Malta Football Association and personally Carlo Micaleff and Helmut Amhof have been great and reliable partners to us and really made the TMC happen,” says Tipsport Head of Sponsoring Lubomír Ježek. 

Malta is a traditional football country, and it turned out during the first year of Tipsport Malta Cup that it is also a great place for winter training for Central European clubs. After the first and second Czech-Slovak years, Tipsport and the organizers from the MFA Sports plus agency even extended the tournament to an international event for the first time, when the Austrian club FC Swarovski Tirol Wattens took part. "And in this international format, the Tipsport Malta Cup seems to us to be the most interesting option. The fourth edition of the tournament has already been played by clubs from four countries: the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria and Denmark, and the 5th edition of the Tipsport Malta Cup will have the widest cast so far. We will welcome six football clubs to Malta, firstly the representative of German football FC Sandhausen from the 2nd Bundesliga," Lubomír Ježek from Tipsport praises the current form of the tournament.

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